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We Hire Refugees exists to rally business support for the refugee community 
through compassionate, data-driven mobilization

A New Perspective On the Refugee Crisis

Our vision is to see a world where refugees are valued, welcomed, and included through a wave of bipartisan, inter-sector support among businesses, nonprofits, and local governments for the value of displaced people rebuilding their lives in cities across America.

In particular, we want to encourage a wave of businesses to join with the nonprofits and faith-based organizations that have long championed the refugee community in the U.S.

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The Time is Now

There are 26 million refugees globally. The current U.S. administration has set the lowest cap on refugee admissions since World War II – at 18,000 people. With the new fiscal year around the corner (October 1), support for the refugee community is crucial to ensure refugees have the opportunity to be welcomed into our cities.

In this time of division and economic instability, we believe refugees can make our country stronger than ever.

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Refugees are the single-most screened and vetted group to enter the U.S. Upon arrival they’re fully authorized to work. (UNCHR)

The Refugee Community 

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In a study of 2.3 million refugees, a CATO Institute study concluded that “refugees have entrepreneurship and homeownership rates that far exceed that of other immigrants.”

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Researchers from the Tent Partnership for Refugees found that turnover rates among refugee employees were “7 to 15 percentage points lower than for the overall workforce.”

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Together, we’ve worked to rally over 200 businesses and organizations to signal their support for the refugee community in the United States by signing our Welcome Pledge.

Community Win: Groundbreaking Protections for Refugees

From We Hire’s conception, we’ve been focused on building grassroots business support for refugees to make our communities stronger. We helped Oregon take bold steps to preserve its refugee resettlement ecosystem when legislators approved nearly $2 million in temporary state funding in 2019. HB 2508 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and Gov. Kate Brown recently signed it into law.