Our Welcome Pledge

Refugees make our communities and economies stronger.


The United States is a prosperous nation, uniquely positioned to welcome refugees, some of the world’s most resilient people. Giving refugees opportunities to use their skills and gifts to rebuild their lives is not only the right thing to do, it strengthens the U.S. economy, its companies, and communities.

Refugees embody characteristics U.S. businesses deeply value: grit, dependability, and determination. 


Businesses are crucial to building support for refugees at an unprecedented time when the country has severely restricted the number of refugees it admits.  This low ceiling hurts refugees and U.S. companies and puts the country’s refugee resettlement network at risk of collapse.

When granted entry, refugees are here legally and are fully authorized to work. They’re eager to enter the labor force and begin rebuilding their lives dismantled by conflict and persecution.


We Hire Refugees exists to rally business support for the refugee community. Our aim is to achieve this mission through compassionate, data-driven mobilization.

We, the undersigned, know refugees make our communities stronger and our companies more competitive. We know our worth is not measured by our wealth, but our compassion for others. We believe in a world where refugees are valued, welcomed and included.

Sign our pledge to signal your support today.

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Over 200 businesses and organizations have signed our Welcome Pledge.