Our Partners

We believe inter-sector collaboration among business, nonprofits and local governments is vital in community development. We Hire Refugees is fortunate to have two close partners in the business sector: Amplio Recruiting and Indow.


Amplio Recruiting staffs great companies with the refugee workforce. Founded in Atlanta in 2014 by entrepreneur Chris Chancy, Amplio has placed more than 3,000 refugees in jobs with 330+ companies across the U.S. Chris is also the author of “Refugee Workforce: The Economic Case for Hiring the Displaced,” a 2019 Amazon best-selling book.


Indow is a cleantech company  in Portland, Oregon that manufactures energy efficient window inserts for residential and commercial spaces. Since Indow’s inception in 2010, Sam Pardue, Founder and CEO, and the team at Indow have worked to mitigate the built environment’s impact on climate change.


chris circle headshot 2

“This underrated refugee workforce, if we choose to recognize it, is the one best positioned to stimulate America’s future economic growth.”

Chris Chancey
CEO & Founder, Amplio Recruiting