Our Work

Our Work

We Hire Refugees provides businesses with resources & consulting to effectively engage, hire & retain the refugee workforce. 

Read below to better understand how we serve companies on this journey. 

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Provide Resources & Consulting

With over 10 years of helping companies hire thousands of refugees, the We Hire Refugees team has acquired a unique and valuable level of experience in the art and science of engaging, hiring and retaining the refugee workforce. With educational best practices PDFs, podcasts and  on-site consulting, the We Hire Refugees team can improve your ability to effectively integrate the refugee workforce into your company. 

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to Engage

Every day we get contacted by companies asking us for information on finding and touching base with the refugees that live in their region. Our network and tools can make determining if there are refugees in your area and connecting with them about your open jobs a simple process. 

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We want to mobilize businesses to leverage their expertise, networks, and capital for the flourishing of their cities by helping refugees plug into good jobs.  Together, we can jump-start a movement of companies across the U.S. to create opportunities that benefit everyone. 

After working with 300+ companies to hire thousands of refugees over the past 10 years, we can help businesses navigate the hurdles in the process of hiring, onboarding and training from the refugee workforce.

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and Retain

Highly motivated, legal-to-work, and statistically drug-free, refugees bring expertise, dependability, and a growth mindset to the teams they join. Check out our friends over at Amplio Recruiting for more incredible stats on the potential of the refugee community to bring value to our businesses.

Retaining them at your company can positively effect the bottom-line and remove turnover as the thorn in your side. The companies we work with see turnover numbers drop from 90% down to 10% in a matter of weeks and it stays that way. Let us help you navigate this process.

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the Refugee Workforce

A refugee is  “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted,” as defined by the UN High Commissioner on Refugees. Before refugees resettle to the U.S., they undergo a thorough two-year review process that  involves numerous U.S. governmental agencies. Upon arrival, refugees are here legally, authorized to work and eager to  begin rebuilding their lives. We believe refugees should be valued, welcomed, and included in our cities and companies.

We recognize they are individuals who desire to contribute to their local economy and are highly motivated to work, learn new skills and add value to their community. The best kept secret for the American economy is the Refugee Workforce, but it does not have to be a secret for your company any longer.

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