Our Story

Our Story

Refugees are some of the world’s most resilient people, full of grit and determination. Indow knew this first hand because many of its most dedicated and hardworking employees at its manufacturing facility were refugees from Burma and Iraq.

In 2016, Indow saw the need to gather other businesses together to declare that refugees make our companies, economy and communities stronger. It found a partner in the nonprofit Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, which is the largest provider of refugee services in the state of Oregon. In January 2017, We Hire Refugees launched and began reaching out to businesses across Oregon and the U.S. to ask for their support for refugee resettlement.

In early 2020, We Hire connected with Amplio Recruiting, a company working across the U.S. to staff great companies with the dependable refugee workforce. Through this partnership, fresh life has been breathed into the mission and vision, and new mobilization efforts initiated to engage businesses in support of the refugee community.


Rising seas and temperatures around the globe are likely to displace many millions of people in the years ahead. It’s urgent we recognize how refugees can contribute to our companies and communities with their talent and resiliency. 

The true narrative about refugees is this: they have many gifts to offer other countries and need the opportunity to resettle so they can begin rebuilding their lives, which helps them and anyone fortunate enough to open their doors.

Businesses have a powerful voice and hold a lot of sway with lawmakers. Even small businesses. When they come together, they can make powerful change.

We Hire’s goal is to get as many businesses to sign the pledge as possible and to use our influence to convince local and state governments to support refugee resettlement in the U.S.

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“Small business owners have so much power to effect change and create welcoming communities for refugees.”

Carrie Sturrock
Executive Director